Honvéd Club Owner: I had a sense of shame, and I hope the guys have too

Honvéd Club Owner: I had a sense of shame, and I hope the guys have too

The pub shook for Budapest Honved this season, however Ferenc Horvat I managed to fight the endowment. In the club’s latest TV program Dániel Mendelényi A co-owner rated the season.

We have historical value in our hands, the responsibility is huge, and Honvéd’s value is a national value. I didn’t think that even a good few years ago it could be honved at 9-10. Swings around the place. I had a feeling of shyness. I really hope the players at least ashamed at certain points of the tournament as I did.

According to Mendelényi, there were three main reasons for the season of suffering:

  • Statelessness, that is, the team played in a sub-rental for about two years,
  • Professional mistakes and
  • Coronavirus pandemic, which he does not like to refer to otherwise.

And about professional mistakes, he said they see problems, and he hopes they will not make similar mistakes next season. In short, he summed up that it is not all gold that shines.

“You can form the team that looks the best together, and you can trust that they will fight on the field as a team, but we need to build not only a player base but also a team, which I do not mean by just the 25 footballers, but the will to fight to be able to do Everything for each other.There is no way you can see in the hall – and you can see everything in the hall – that someone cannot do it all with fire and water to teammates, the club, and there were moments like that. He is not good, in fact, he is not acceptable in this club. “

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He also talks about the academy, working there is tied to a higher degree, and I want as many young people as possible to introduce themselves into NB I. However, he says, there are two barriers to that: the fact that only 12 teams are at the fore, and meanwhile, according to the MLSZ rule, 25 players can be nominated.

“This means that if we appoint three goalkeepers, then there will be 22 players left, which means that football players can qualify for each position, then where are the youth? For some reason we do not understand but we accept.” Quotes a csakfoci.hu Mendelényit.

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