Hong Kong's new immigration law could prevent anyone from leaving the city-state

Hong Kong’s new immigration law could prevent anyone from leaving the city-state

The fully pro-Beijing legislature in Hong Kong passed a new immigration law stipulating that the immigration authority can prevent people from entering or leaving the island country. A similar law is already in place in China and is being applied regularly, mostly against opponents. But it’s not just that critics of the state remain in law. For example, the Irish businessman has been unable to leave Shanghai for two years because the Chinese owners of the Dublin company that hired him have been involved in some kind of controversy.

In addition to the activists, the new immigration law has come under criticism from the Hong Kong Bar Association for granting uncontrollable power to the city’s immigration authority. Under the law, the authority and its president can prevent anyone from boarding the plane, no permission or permission from the court is required to make a decision, and an appeal cannot be filed against him.

The 15 pro-democracy deputies in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council cooperated to announce his resignation after the city-state governor excluded four of his deputies from the legislature under a law passed in Beijing.Photo: Anthony Wallace / AFP

According to the Hong Kong government, the old immigration laws have already been amended and will only be used to prevent illegal entry. However, critics say the wording of the law does not rule out an exit ban at all, and if the authority wants to use it for that, there is no way to prevent it.

The law was passed in Hong Kong’s Legislative Council, without any criticism or serious debate, as the opposition has barely been represented since the crackdown on the pro-democracy waves. Most of the MPs were in favor of democracy and independence last year ResignedAnd in protest against the deprivation of three members of their positions of their members for their opinions. Since the protests ended, pro-democracy parties have been arrested in succession Policy And the Activists. (guardian)

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