Home WiFi charges the new Samsung remote control

Home WiFi charges the new Samsung remote control

The solar panels also survived this year’s Eco Remote release along with smart TVs.

Samsung developed the eco-friendly remote that was introduced last year, and this year’s model can now charge its built-in battery with radio waves, like Wi-Fi. This form of wireless charging is not new, and it is not widespread, because a small amount of energy can be collected with it, and it makes sense to use it only for devices with low consumption.

In addition to solar panels, you can actually charge yourself using radio waves with this year’s Eco Remote for Samsung smartphonesSource: Samsung

Fortunately, the remote control is one of the few devices for which there may be a rational deployment of its technology. However, most of the new Eco Remote will be charged via the integrated solar panel, and the functionality works with both natural and artificial light. In an emergency, the option to charge the USB-C port is left on the remote control, so you can quickly breathe life into the device when plugged into a phone charger or computer.

Another development of this year’s remote control is that it will be available in white as well as black to better match the company’s premium TVs The Frame, Serif and Sero.

According to Samsung, the Eco Remote could be enriched with additional charging methods in the coming years, with engineers experimenting primarily with converting kinetic energy into electricity, trying to squeeze some current through the microphone’s internal vibration.

Every Samsung smartphone this year will come with a new Eco remote control.

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