Viktor Orbán can read an interview himself if he looks at his favorite newspaper.

The location is strange, the time is strange, the atmosphere is strange, how he got here and the social and political absurdities that greet him are completely strange, but here it is: the FIFA World Cup has arrived in Qatar. And not in isolation from all these, but in addition to this, this is the main sporting event of the year. Follow the matches and discussions taking place alongside

the national sport Viktor Orban asked about the World Cup. The Prime Minister opened his speech by saying: “Lionel Messi is the greatest, literally the youngest became the greatest hero. As it is written: the youngest will be the greatest. The last will be the first. There is hardly a purer Christian story than this.” Messi, who has been mentioned as one of the best soccer players in the world since 2005, has not explained why and in what way he could have been the last, or even the youngest – of course, barring other- new information that he is short.

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He no longer belongs in the category of political side talk when he talks about mathematical economics. He said, “Many people criticize the wealthy Qataris, partly out of envy of course, when it comes to the costs of the World Cup, but I look at it in a different light: This money could have been spent on anything else, let us be happy that it was spent on football.”

His sentence that “Money helps a lot in sports, but too much can ruin it” might be surprising. But it soon became apparent that he wasn’t thinking of the hundreds of billions scattered in Hungarian sports, but that the national team might be more important than club football.

He spoke at length about the fact that “Hungarian football can shine in its old light by 2030” (and at that time, according to his earlier promise, we will catch up with Austria), according to him, the fact is that the Hungarian national team can get to the World Cup. Then there will be 16 European teams instead of the current 13, and it is not really unrealistic for the Hungarian national team to reach the top 16 of the continent.


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