Hollywood filmmaking has stopped again, and Netflix is ​​also taking a break

Hollywood filmmaking has stopped again, and Netflix is ​​also taking a break

After production breaks in the spring, with strict safety regulations, TV production could resume almost everywhere for some time, but due to the sudden increase in Los Angeles County, January filming has been stopped by most television and broadcast studios, some only one, and some more for a week. .

Netflix is ​​also forcing its Los Angeles product to take a breather, incl With extended family (family reunification) Two workers in the series’ second season, but also had to stop filming many photorealistic and photo shoots for the films. This is the first such decision for a streaming service provider, in December A. Gray man arrive to Ryan GoslingChris Evans Filming of their film has been postponed, with current plans to start again in mid-January depending on how the number of virus cases evolves. At the time, work was planned to start on several other productions, one Ava DuVernaySeries and A. Kevin Hart And the Wesley Snipes The championship series is currently in the tube. But it was also delayed by almost all major manufacturers, CBS, Warner, Universal, Sony, Lionsgate, Disney, and 20th TV Studios.

Of course, slipping costs a lot, and if there is a mistake in reconciling the actors and other creators, it could cause more losses, as it was included in the group that changes the date of the production premiere, but professional organizations are forced to do so. Cases of Covidus are that they cannot risk additional workloads for hospitals. Wherever possible, instead of classic filming, they revert to online teleportation, as late-night talk shows are mainly affected: The Late Late Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live employees from their homes place the show online – and this is arranged Already in the spring – Ellen DeGeneres show and will extend the winter break already by a week. Los Angeles County passed 800,000 cases of coronavirus at the end of last week, and nearly half of them come from last month, with 21% of the tests currently testing positive.

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