Hogan believes that against him, Tszyu would look like an average wrestler

On March 31, it will take place in Australia Tim Tszyu vs Denise Hogan A heavy-duty struggle is not just “fun” in a country on a continent level, despite the fact that the match is only a big attraction there.

Tim Tszyu – To his father Costsához Likewise – Favorite “dear” favorite in Australia, who is unbeaten, and potential candidate for the World Championship. An Irishman lives in Australia Denise Hogan (28 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw) He managed to enter the ring three times in a World Cup match, and although he never won, he won serious acclaim for his performance.

In fact, the rising Tszyu hasn’t had a serious opponent like Hogan in his career. On this, both experts and admirers, not to mention stakeholders, agree. Hogan confidently looks to the fight against Tszyu.

I have better abilities, I have more weapons, and I confidently believe that I am also a better boxer. This is why fighting is so exciting, because I can finally show it off. Never in my life did I expect such a battle. Tim defeated opponents of lesser weight in their recent matches. On the other hand, you were born heavy. I have the utmost confidence in my abilities and I know I will defeat him. Tim will look like an average wrestler against me! “ Denise Hogan announced.

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