Hockey World Cup: The Slovaks were kicked out by the Swiss

Hockey World Cup: The Slovaks were kicked out by the Swiss

On Thursday’s match day of the World Elite Hockey Championship in Riga, Switzerland defeated Slovakia 8-1 in the afternoon matches, while the United States beat hosts Latvia 4-2.


The Swiss scored eight goals (Photo: AFP)

Until now, it was not possible to say that everything will be on paper at the World Hockey Championship in Latvia, where surprises abound in reality (Who would have thought that after the three matches, the Swedish and Czechs would be in the final. Two places in Group A?; Until the beginning Historically weak Canada with three defeats), however, on Wednesday A. Switzerland and Slovakia A match, it is among the most difficult to explain the results of the tournament so far.

The Swiss national team lost 7-0 in its previous match against Sweden, who lost the first two matches to reduce the goal difference completely, while the Slovaks managed to wait for Thursday’s match with a flawless performance, beating the Russians.

in comparison…

In the first third, Christian Busbecil received a five-minute penalty kick for a fatal foul at the end of the seventh minute, as well as a final, and the Swiss took advantage of the advantage. Then, at the start of the second twenty minutes, after 25 seconds, they crossed their lead by doubling their lead with a goal, and with two equal goals, the board showed Switzerland 4-0 ahead in the second half. The Slovaks (5-0) did not swim at the start of the third quarter without a quick goal, and despite the response to Helfa’s sixth goal soon, Mislav Rosandic got a final (plus five minutes) for a blow in the undisciplined Slovaks. , For which Switzerland was punished with two more strikes. The end 8-1Gregory Hoffman closed with 4 (2 + 2) points.

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Another afternoon match United States 4-2Defeated Latvia: The host of the World Championships in the first third kept pace with the outside, where he managed to draw twice, and in the second third he failed. All goals were scored by equal numbers, and the end result was already in the middle of the middle.

World Championship (Riga)
7. National Action Program
the group

Switzerland 8-1 Slovakia (1–0, 3–0, 4–1)
Sweden – Czech Republic (TV: Sports 1)
Group Status: 1. Russia 9 points / 4 matches (15-7), 2. Switzerland 9/4 (14-10), 3. Slovakia 9/4 (11-12), 4. Denmark 5/4 (7-9), 5. Belarus 4/4 (8-12) 6. Great Britain 4/4 (8-15) 7. Sweden 3/3 (10-5) 8. Czech Republic 2/3 (8-11)

Group B.
United States – Latvia 4-2
(2–2, 2–0, 0–0)
19.15: Finland and Italy
Group Status: 1. Germany 9/4 (19-9), 2. One. Countries 9/4 (13-5), 3. Finland 7/3 (8-5), 4. Latvia 7/4 (9-7), 5. Kazakhstan 7/4 (8-8), 6. Canada 3 / 4 (6-12), 7. Norway 3/4 (9-15), 8. Italy 0/3 (5-16)

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