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Hockey World Cup: proven successes – Canada and Russia also lead the group

Hockey World Cup: proven successes - Canada and Russia also lead the group

On the final day of the group stage of the World Hockey Championship in Slovakia, Germany beat Finland 4-2 and the Czech Republic 5-4 to the Swiss national team. In the afternoon, hosts Slovakia hit Denmark on penalties, finishing fifth in Group A, while in Group B, Latvia finished fifth after beating the Norwegians. In the evening, after that, all the question marks were corrected: Canada defeated the United States, Russia defeated Sweden, and led the group.


Dadunov (right) scored, Kovalchuk did not score (Photo: AFP)

In Group B, the Czechs were at a disadvantage in the third minute, but in the 27th minute they were already 3-1 ahead and the final part of the match could start from a 4-2 advantage. The Swiss tied in the final semester and then in their hair so as not to advance to fourth place – and meet Canada in the quarter-finals – they risked dropping their goalkeeper, which was punished by the Czechs, who were in turn in the quarter-finals – finals.

In the first set, the Finns took the initiative unsuccessfully in both the first and second quarters, and the Germans tied in both parts of the match and even proved to be twice as good as Leon Dreisettel in the final term. The 23-year-old Edmonton Oilers winger found a human advantage in the 45th minute and clinched Germany’s fifth quarter-final victory in the group with an empty goalkeeper in the 59th minute. The Finns – who had also been in the top eight before – were eliminated for a second time in the World Cup, however. For the first time in the original time. The Latvian and Slovak teams won the final day of the group stage of the Slovak World Hockey Championship on Tuesday.

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In my two matches in the afternoon, four national teams were on the ice, which is not what we see in this year’s Elite World Cup. In Group A in Kosice, the Slovaks who hosted the World Cup defeated the Danes by one blow after regular playing time 1-1, while in Bratislava’s eight, Latvia beat the Norwegians 4-1.

A North American fan hosted the evening’s first group match, although the Canada-US match deserves the symbol only because of the participants’ shared past.

In the first twenty minutes, there was a fight between almost equal powers on the ice, but goals were scored only by maple leaves, and in the eighth minute the score was 2-0 on the scoreboard, then in the middle of the match the field had flipped further – it is true that the goal ( Normal) is only one goal. Fallen: Canadian advantage 3-0, teams switched in the last twenty minutes. The result didn’t change from here anymore, so Canada won the group and could face Switzerland in the eight.

In Bratislava, before the last game of Group B, the situation was so tangled that even the Swedes could have finished the top of the group if they defeated the Russians by a large margin, although chances of achieving this edition were hampered. By the fact that the Scandinavians had to score for the Russian goal the most goals scored by his sword throughout the tournament.

After the first twenty minutes, the Nordic countries could still hope, because after Landeskog was injured, the parties managed to enter the locker room with the Swedish 1-0 advantage. In the second half, Ovecskin started, scoring the Swedish goal six times, and decided to be among the first eight flawlessly and captain of the group, as they would be on ice against the United States – even if the third 3-1 the Swedes had won.

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The quarter-finals will be played on Thursday.

Elite World Championship, Slovakia
Group A (cash)
Finland-Germany 2-4
(1–1, 1–1, 0-2)
Slovakia 2-1 Denmark (0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 0-0, 1-0) – with a shot
Canada – United States 3-0
(2–0, 1–0, 0–0)
Group B (Bratislava)
Czech Republic 5-4 Switzerland
(1–1, 3–1, 1-2)
Latvia and Norway 4-1 (0-1, 1–0, 3–0)
Sweden and Russia 4-7 (1–0, 0-6, 3–1)

Quarterly pairs
Match 57, Kosice Canada and Switzerland 16.15
The 58th game in Bratislava Czech Republic and Germany 20.15
The 59th game in Bratislava Russia and the United States 16.15
Match 60, Kosice Finland-Sweden 20.15
The final result of Group A.
M G HGy HV Fifth LG – KG +/- s
1. Canada 7 6 1 11-36 +25 18
2. Finland 7 5 1 1 11-22 +11 16
3. Germany 7 5 2 18-18 0 15th
4. The United States 7 4 1 2 15-27 +12 14
5. Slovakia 7 3 1 3 28-19 +9 11
6. Denmark 7 1 1 1 4 18-23 –5 6
7. Great Britain 7 1 6 9-41 –32 2
8. France 7
14 – 34 – 20 2
The final result of group B.
M G HGy HV Fifth LG – KG +/- s
1. Russia 7 7 36-7 +29 21
2. The Czech Republic 7 6 1 39-14 +25 18
3. Sweden 7 5 2 41-21 +20 15th
4. Switzerland 7 4 3 27-14 +13 12
5. Latvia 7 3 5 21-20 +12 9
6. Norway 7 2 5 19–33 – 14 6
7. Italy 7 1 6 5-48 – 44 2
8. Austria 7

–30 1

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