Hockey World Cup: Canada won again, and the Swedes improved

Hockey World Cup: Canada won again, and the Swedes improved

Canada defeated Kazakhstan 4-2, while Sweden beat Britain 4-1 on Friday, the fifth day of the fifth round of the Riga Hockey World Championships.


Mario Kimbe (right) scored two goals for the British (Photo: AFP)

the group

Less than a day after the Czechs lost 4-2 in a two-goal lead, Sweden With the weakest team in the group, but defeated by Belarus 4-3 With Britain Identical. The Swedes could not afford another defeat, as in that case they would have faced more than one difficult situation in the fight for the quarter-finals – with the “Three titles” finishing in the top eight every time since the 1938 tournament.

Soon after more than seven minutes of play, with Liam Kirk’s hit, the British took the lead, for him it was already his fifth goal in this year’s World Cup. The Swedish national team drew in the first quarter, then after the second third they advanced by 3 goals and 3-1. The last division had no role, Sweden had more than 70 percent of the ball at the time, and Mario Kembe won 4-1 after his second goal, attempting a total of 56 shots per match.

The fate of the Swedes is in their own hands in terms of progress, it is true, the most difficult tasks await them only after that: they play with Slovakia and the Russian team in the last two matches of the group.

Canada wins its second match in a row with a two-goal advantage (Photo: AFP)

Group B.

Just like the Swedes in the other group, so are these eight Canada His situation is not easy either, after losing his first three matches against Latvia (0-2), the United States (1-5) and Germany (1-3). The Maple Leaf improved on Wednesday, beating Norway (4-2), and With Kazakhstan On the other hand, it was only acceptable for them to get the three points if they were thinking of moving forward.

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The Canadian and Kazakh national teams clashed only once in the history of the World Championships. In 2012, Canada won 8-0 in Helsinki.

The match against the Norwegians was eerily similar to the Canada game against Norway: after a 2-0 advantage, the opponent drew, but then in the last World Cup, the Canadian silver-medalist team won the match 4-2 – last goal 59: he fell to an empty goal At 57 – that brought him one point closer to the goal that beat him in the standings, as well as Latvia, which met the Norwegians in the evening.

Two days later, Canada clashes with the final set in Italy and then plays the Finnish champions.

World Hockey Championship, Riga
8. National Action Program
the group

Sweden and Great Britain 4-1 (1–1, 2–0, 1–0)
Denmark and Belarus

Group A case.

LM GY HGY HV Fifth A goal keeper s
1. The Russian team
4 3 1 7-15 9
2. Switzerland 4 3 1 10-14 9
3. Slovakia 4 3 1 11-12 9
4. Sweden 5 2 3 10-16 6
5. The Czech Republic 4 1 1 2 12-13 5
6. Denmark 4 1 1 2 7-9 5
7. Belarus 4 1 1 2 8-12 4
8. Great Britain 5 1 1 3 9-19 4

Group B.
Kazakhstan 2-4 Canada
(0-1, 1–1, 1-2)
Latvia and Norway

Group B case.

LM GY HGY HV Fifth A goal keeper s
1. Finland 4 3 1 11-5 10
2. Germany 4 3 1 9-19 9
3. The United States 4 3 1 5-13 9
4. Latvia 4 2 1 1 9-7 7
5. Kazakhstan 5 1 2 2 10-12 7
6. Canada 5 2 3 10-14 6
7. Norway 4 1 3 9-15 3
8. Italy 4 4 5-19
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