Hockey World Cup: Canada defeated the Russians in the semi-finals

Hockey World Cup: Canada defeated the Russians in the semi-finals

Canada defeated Russia in overtime and reached the top four in the Danish Hockey World Championships. Today’s surprise Switzerland: beat Finland 3-2 in order to face Canada in the final. The United States, led by Patrick Kane, beat the Czech Republic 3-2, followed by Sweden, which speaks Latvia.

The World Cup quarter-final battle between the Russians and the Canadians has been decided after great excitement (Photo: AFP)

a Canada After 32 minutes, Colton Parayko put their lead 1 – 0, following an attack from the right, caused by a defensive blunder. Russia Against the massively paced match, Ryan Nugent Hopkins increased his North American supremacy. The Russians did not need more, after 62 seconds they beautified her with the blow of Ilya Mikheev.


The Olympic champion tied in the second third, then in the third quarter, two Russian responses came quickly to a leading Canadian goal. Then, after 4-4, there was an extension. In the 65th minute, Ryan O’Reilly took a lead for Canada again from a man advantage, and that also meant a win in his untimely death.

The United States – Czech Republic The match started according to a similar scenario. In the first 20 minutes, Patrick Kane and Cam Atkinson pulled the Americans 2-0. The Czechs were tied in the second quarter by Michel Repic and Martin Nicas, so the two teams had been waiting 2-2 for the final third.

In the 47th minute, Kane’s qualities were decided, with a second strike for the striker again giving the Americans the lead, who maintained their lead in the last quarter of the hour with Keith Kincaid’s defenses and reached the semi-finals.

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It The Swedes Suffers from With you, He did not score the first third, in the second goal by Philip Forsberg, answered by The Tudors Bloggers. In the last 20 minutes, two early Swedish goals reassured the Scandinavians, but the final nine and a half minutes were thrilling thanks to a goal from Rudolfs Parsells.

The Swedes withdrew and could prepare for the semi-final against the United States with their 3-2 win.

a Where are you It has not been collected. Marcos Nutivara scored his first goal in Swiss They answered three times in the twentieth second minute. Enzo Corvi, Joël Vermin and Gregory Hofmann found it within four minutes, shocking North. In the final part of the match, Finland scored only one goal, which was to bid farewell to the World Cup.

World Hockey Championship, Denmark
Russia and Canada 4-5
(0–1, 2–1, 2–2, 0–1) – After extand
G: Mehjiv, Parabanov, Andronov, Aniszymov, ill. Paraico, Nugent Hopkins, Torres, Dubois, O’Reilly

United States – Czech Republic 3-2 (2–0, 0–2, 1–0)
G: Ken 2, Atkinson, patient. Rebec, Nikas

Sweden 3-2 Latvia (0–0, 1–1, 2–1)
G: Forsberg, Arvidson, Ekman-Larson, Elle. Bloggers, Cherry

Finland 2-3 Switzerland (1–0, 0–3, 1–0)
G: Nutivara, Rantanin, Patient. Corvey, Fermin, Hoffman

Semi Final (Saturday)
15.15: Sweden and the United States
19.15: Canada and Switzerland

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