Hockey: It does not rule out the postponement of the Women's World Cup

Hockey: It does not rule out the postponement of the Women’s World Cup

MTI stated that due to the epidemiological situation in Canada, the World Elite Women’s Hockey Championship, which also includes the Hungarian national team, may be postponed from April to May.

Training of the Hungarian national team (photo: Cjaba Dumotor – Archive, 2020)


About this Renee Fasil The IIHF president spoke after talks with representatives of the Canadian Confederation. He said Canada would consider holding the original from April 7-17 a month later, in May. Competition.

The President emphasized that although nothing had been completed yet, the postponement could allow more time for the match to properly play, and it could not be ruled out that matches would be held in front of the spectators.

“We really hope the situation will improve as the weather gets warmer. We are working on the delay” – Fasil added.

Halifax and Truro in Nova Scotia will host the Women’s Elite World Cup with ten teams, with the Hungarians playing in the final stadium with Japan, the Czechs, Germans and Danes.

The 2020 World Cup has been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic and Canada will host it this year in the same location. Due to the pandemic, Canada tightened entry restrictions in February.


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