Hitman III: Contents of the second year [VIDEO]

For example, on PC, we will have the opportunity to experience the adventures of Agent 47 in Hitman III in VR – but IO Interactive will do much more than that.

Danish studio A website He announced what he plans for Hitman III for its second year. For example, comes a new game mode, Elusive Target Arcade, which takes the target concept to a new level as it blends formula with new challenges and unlockable rewards. Another new game mode is coming in the spring, Freelancer, which will give us roguelike elements, strategic planning, and a customizable house. VR support will also be available on PC on January 20, but that’s not just Part Three: it includes the entire Assassination World trilogy (that is, the three reboots).

The Hitman Trilogy collection is also coming January 20, which includes three Hitman games in one package. It will be available everywhere except for the Nintendo Switch, where only Part 3 is available and it’s also cloudy (it will be PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Epic Games Store on PC, Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as Game Passon). During 2022, the PC version will continue to evolve. Ray tracing approaches, resulting in stronger shadows, reflections, and visuals. VRS (Variable Rate Shader) will increase performance, and the Danish studio, along with Intel, will be the first to introduce XeSS technology.

Steam mentioned at the beginning: It’s no coincidence that Hitman III has been exclusive to the Epic Games Store just yet. In conjunction with Season 2, i.e. from January 20, Client Story 47 will be available on Steam, and from then on, VR support will also come. Then the Danish team announced the arrival of a new track. It might not have a definitive name yet, which is why it’s just named after the icon: it operates under the name Rocky within IO Interactive, and we’ll hear more about it later.

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So Hitman III will continue to get enough attention in 2022 from the Danes, whoin a they are working.

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