Hitman developers are said to be working on a new Xbox exclusive game

Hitman developers are said to be working on a new Xbox exclusive game

Several papers have written, citing their own sources, that Hitman developers have begun work on a game that will be made with Xbox support. for the first time Windows Central I mentioned that the game takes place under the action title Dragon, followed by it Eurogamer Confirmed that it worked AAA.

IO is known for its titles placed in a realistic setting Interactive He appears to be paddling in new waters because the news is that the dragon is going to be a fantasy RPG. In principle, they are still in a very early stage of development, so the game can only be completed in many years. It is a proprietary IP intellectual property that is supposed to offer a good big world and medieval environment. And so, as you might think from your job title, yes, there will be fire-loving lizards and flying in it. On the IOI website There’s a job offer looking for people for “Dragon Department,” so the project itself is really there. Microsoft reportedly wants to release more third-party studio games under the Xbox Global Publishing banner and Dragon will be one of them. Which could potentially lead to Xbox exclusivity. Although this does not prevent a Microsoft PC.

The IOI wagon started right in recent years, and although it neared bankruptcy after breaking up with Square Enix, it was a hit with the Hitman trilogy. Hitman 3 was released in January and is now working on a James Bond video game, which will likely be completed next time. They opened their third studio in Barcelona a few days ago, with plans to fatten the entire team to 400 developers.

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