Historical: For the first time, the United States government may be a member of the indigenous population

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The US president-elect’s interim staff said Thursday that Haaland has nominated a congressman of Indian descent to be Joe Biden, the home secretary in his future government. BBC.

If the Senate approved Haaland’s appointment, he might be the representative of the Laguna Pueblo tribe of New Mexico, the first local federal minister in Native American history.

Haaland joined the US Congress in 2018 and is currently vice chair of the House Natural Resources Committee. Biden employees said he is “ready to protect our environment from day one and fight for a clean energy future.”

In a US government agency, the Department of the Interior is primarily responsible for administering federal government-owned areas. This ministry, for example, decides whether to define nature reserves or issue permits for energy production. His responsibilities also extend to matters related to the approximately 1.9 million Indians in the country.

In his presidential campaign, Biden promised to build his future government in light of the diversity of American society, and Haaland’s nomination reflects that promise.

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