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Hisense flashes high-quality products and technologies

Hisense flashes high-quality products and technologies

Hisense also showcased its 8K Laser TV, several innovative ULED Mini-LED devices, and various smart home devices at IFA. The company’s group at the Technology Fair in Berlin Go to technology and beyondVisitors can see Hisense technology solutions, including Hi-Light optical system, VIDAA OS and ConnectLife app.

This year, Hisense Group awaited the visitors of the IFA technology exhibition in Berlin with revolutionary technological solutions and innovative and high-quality devices.

“Hisense was the second largest TV manufacturer in the world in 2022, and thanks to its remarkable international expansion, it is already present in more than 160 countries. Our company has built a strong ecosystem based on its high-quality screens, unique operating system and platforms, which we will continue to develop In addition, we will continue to take a landscape-based approach to our innovation and focus on high-quality growth for all of our devices.” – said Fisher Yu, president of the company’s group, during a keynote address.

Decorate your home with innovative appliances

Hisense is “Going to technology and beyond” She presented her latest products and developments in her range of powders at her own booth. The company realized the interaction between its devices by focusing on the latest technology, art design and layout, and identified different life situations with each product (such as cinema experience, game experience, home cooking).

At the exhibition, among others, Hisense’s revolutionary TV technology, the 8K Laser TV, which provides a perfect cinematic experience and is available in 100 and 120 inches, as well as the company’s flagship device that was presented in January this year, the UX ULED model will also be exhibited. Mini-LED featuring the brightest display yet, which visitors can see. Among its consumer electronics products, the latest ULED Mini-LED series devices, the U8, U7 and U6 models, were also on display, and those interested can also try out the gaming monitors in the gaming experience area.

In addition to high-end TVs and audio products, Hisense has been actively developing home appliances for years. For example, the PureFlat series’ two-door smart refrigerator with large screen, built-in stove and oven, washing machine, dishwasher, wine cooler and small home appliances, such as a coffee maker, were presented at the exhibition in a separate section.

Pushing boundaries with technology

In addition to its latest products, some innovative technology solutions from Hisense were also on display at the exhibition, so visitors could learn about, for example, the VIDAA operating system that provides unparalleled entertainment and the ConnectLife app.

Hisense’s new ULED X platform pushes the boundaries of picture quality with exciting innovations such as the Hi-Light optical system, Hi-View Engine X chip, and state-of-the-art Obsidian display components. Hisense’s proprietary operating system, VIDAA OS, raises the bar for streaming with premium content, high-quality services, and cost-effective hardware. ConnectLife focuses on users’ needs in terms of health, comfort and energy saving and offers users a wide range of services, including, for example, smart kitchen or smart air purification.

In addition, Hisense also showed at the exhibition that it has developed a next-generation digital laser engine (LPU) using patented technology, which can precisely control light at the nanoscale, thus ensuring a wide color gamut and accurate color rendering.

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