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His widow said the mercenaries finished with the Haitian president within seconds

His widow said the mercenaries finished with the Haitian president within seconds

The widow of the slain Haitian president, Martin Moyes, has spoken publicly for the first time since her husband’s assassination. The woman was also wounded in the attack, and, as she recounted, everything happened so quickly that the man could not utter a single word.

The assassination was allegedly carried out with the participation of 28 foreign mercenaries on 7 July. The president’s wife was taken to Miami from her injuries. On Saturday, she published an audio message on her Twitter page announcing that she would continue the work they had started with her husband.

The assailants, who were raiding their homes at night, reportedly lined up their Haitian president, Jovenel Moise, within moments, then left. She said her husband was not given the opportunity to say a word. She said her husband could have been killed for political reasons. He cited the referendum as a reason that would amend the constitution so that the president would have more powers. As she said, she is still crying, but in the meantime they cannot let her husband and head of state die in vain.

a BBC article mentions That Mouïse, who has held the presidency since 2017, has been repeatedly accused of corruption and major demonstrations took place against him this year. Parliamentary elections were supposed to take place in 2019 in the continent’s poorest country, but due to political debates, this was missed and Moïse has since been ruling by decree. . He intended to consolidate his power through a referendum in September.

According to the article in the newspaper, it is still unknown who orchestrated the assassination and why. It is also not clear how the killers managed to enter the house.

Police detained dozens of people, most of them Colombian citizens, but some of them Americans. However, there is an influential Haitian opposition politician who has already speculated that he does not believe that anyone from Colombia wants to kill the president. So far, 17 people have been arrested, three have died in battles with the police, while eight are still on the run. The Colombian government has already indicated that it will do anything to help the investigation. It is known that the country participated in the attack 17 former Colombian soldiers.

According to a local investigative judge, the dual US citizen assisted the mercenaries as a translator and knew the goal was to capture the president, not assassinate him.

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