His violation does not endanger the future of the Juventus midfielder

His violation does not endanger the future of the Juventus midfielder

Greg Berhalter, the national captain of the US national football team, said Weston McKinney’s career in the national team was not jeopardized by the violation of rules within the team, and therefore he was penalized, MTI writes.

Weston McKinney was unable to play against Canada (Picture: AFP)

The specialist did not give details of what happened, but news reports that the 23-year-old Juventus midfielder received a guest in the “bubble” of the national team without permission.

McKinney, who has been heavily criticized, was unable to play on Sunday in the World Cup qualifiers against Canada, with his side surprisingly playing only 1-1 with their northern neighbor. Currently, the Americans are fourth in the North American region group, with the top three reaching next year’s World Cup finals in Qatar.

The US Federation said that McKinney will not participate in the match against Honduras on Wednesday (today) and will return to his Italian club. After that, speculation began about the future of the national team.

“the door is open Berhalter said. – There are very few cases after which a player can never return to the national team. That’s not how it works for us.”

He added that he had a long conversation with the football player, who is an important link in the chain, and is confident that if he performs well in his club team in the future, he will be invited to the national team again.

McKinney has been in the national team 25 times so far and scored seven goals.

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“Everyone makes mistakes. Weston apologized to the team and me.” The captain stressed.

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