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Alexander Liu Shaolin: Failed in Beijing, I will continue!

His squad is already consuming 23 in the 36-year-old midfielder –

Breaking the record is not the goal of Spanish footballer Jose Galan, who is 14th and 23rd place in his team.

The 36-year-old midfielder qualified for Gibraltar’s Bruno Magpies after Spain, Thailand, Indonesia, Austria, Jordan, Cyprus, Romania, Finland, Andorra, Hong Kong, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

“Although it is hard to believe, I am not doing it to break a record, but to continue playing. My goal is to continue to enjoy the most beautiful career in the world, that is, to be a footballer.” He said Galan.

German goalkeeper Lutz Pfannenstil in 27 teams from 11 countries, set Guinness World Records Sebastian Abreu He played football for 31 clubs in 11 countries. Among the Hungarians, Krisztián Vadócz is definitely the best performer, having played for 14 teams from 11 countries.

Galan’s career started very promising, he grew up in the Atletico Madrid academy and then moved to Almeria, where he was captain of the team, but after a serious knee injury, his career collapsed.

“If I could put myself up front, it would have changed everything. I was in the club for four years, I was a captain, and no one understood why the president took me to the streets after the cross was torn.” He said.

This failure made him try his luck abroad. He emphasized that the experiences he had gained over the past ten years had been invaluable to money, and that he could do what he loved most.

In the colors of St. Polten, he played in the Austrian Cup final against Red Bull Salzburg, in the European League with Rovaniemi in Finland and in the Champions League qualifiers with Santa Coloma in Andorra.

“I never made a decision for my own convenience, I always risked it. I wasn’t satisfied with something when I wasn’t completely sure and I wasn’t afraid to change.” He said.

He said the most difficult period in his career was when in 2020 he had to live in isolation in Canada for about two months due to the coronavirus pandemic and could only leave the hotel for training and matches, so he was unable to meet his wife and newborn daughter. All this was repeated last year, once again proving his worth in Europe.

He added: “At the age of 36, he realized that being away from his parents and friends became more and more difficult, and that his private life began to become more important to him than professional football.


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