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His former actors were furious, causing Enikő Eszenyi to perform in the theater again

His former actors were furious, causing Enikő Eszenyi to perform in the theater again

Enik Eszenyi It can be rearranged in the new theatrical season that begins in the fall: the director who left the comedy theater after a huge scandal last year will have a chance at the Joseph Katona National Theater in Keskemet, where circus princess will direct. The Peter Cecike Last week’s announcement came as a surprise by representatives who complained about the toxic atmosphere and intolerable treatment during Ezini’s leadership. Eszenyi resigned from the director’s competition at the end of March last year. The scandal erupted after a number of the 24-year-old’s former castmates spoke out about Eszenyi’s methods, then several actors defended the statements, including Andras Stoll And the Patricia Kovacs He also signed the open letter.

We already wrote in early February that he was the former director of the Comedy Theater Chekhov seagull He returned to his hometown of Csenger, where he founded a company with young representatives from Cluj-Napoca and Bratislava called the Csengeri Creative Centre, and then in early May It turns out thatEszenyi will be a jury member of the Kisvárda Festival of Hungarian Theatres, and the Kecskemét staging will be the next stop for the comeback.

Blikk now has many past or present comedians as well RequestedHow did the news come?

Over seventy people complained against Enikő Eszenyi to the Budapest Municipal Inquiry Committee a year ago. So far, we do not know the result of the study. we are waiting. Enikő Eszenyi has repeatedly committed verbal and physical abuse as a director. He ignores everyone he works with and closes his eyes to his actions. Spitting in the face of the victims

– Tell Aron Molnár The representative of the newspaper objected to the lack of knowledge of the details of the capital’s investigation:

The result is inconsistency, as was the case with Zsigmond Kriza at the operetta theater, where an investigation was conducted without interviewing the victims. It would be nice to live in a country where there are real consequences for abusers and professions that exclude abusers and do not wash them away. I am disappointed and will be disappointed in every organization and leader that employs Enik, i.e. not because of the fact that the 70 people had the courage to tell their stories. To this day, I look forward to what became the result of the study of the capital. I am waiting for someone to say we were right, and I expect that there will be a consequence of the abuse of power in Hungary.

Gábor I also tell Blikk, with similar sentiments:

Unfortunately, I feel as if nothing happened … It is clear that the director from Kecskemét was informed of the problems in the comedy theater, and I do not want him to need them, but I am sure that there is also an ethical code prepared by a management that protects workers

The actor said his contract from the Comedy Theater is at the Thalia Theatre.

The newspaper spoke Mate Garay Who will play the main role in the play directed by Enikő Eszenyi:

I had never worked with Enikő before, but I grew up on his chops, loved his makeover, and he was on my boot list to work with. I know a lot of people think it’s scandalous a year after what happened, but I want to know what it’s like to work with him. If it hurts, I’ll stand up and tell you. I know exactly the horror that happened in the comics, and I think those who stood up and said their opinions did the right thing. It is not a matter of telling the truth. A lot of people were happy with Enikő’s arrival and looking forward to working together, as I am, but I’m afraid to be mentally able. The situation will be different since I will not have my master, and I will not count on him, he will be a guest at Kecskemét in the same way I am. Plus, I trust you learned from what happened.

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