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His common word for incitement to revolt is to demand that the state attorney general convict Trump

His common word for incitement to revolt is to demand that the state attorney general convict Trump

The majority of Republicans still disagree with the prosecution process.

At the end of their pleading, prosecutors in Donald Trump’s constitutional trial Thursday called on the Senate to indict the former US president.

MTI writes.

“We humbly ask you to condemn President Trump of a crime for which he is most responsible!” A Colorado Democrat said in his speech, according to a state news agency report. “If we pretended it didn’t happen, or worse, it was left unanswered, who knows if it won’t happen again?” Joe Ngoz said.

The majority Democratic House of Representatives accused Donald Trump of inciting the revolt over incendiary speech at a rally before the Capitol attack on January 6, after which his supporters stormed the Legislature building. And killed in the accident five people, including a police officer. Jimmy B. Raskin, who heads the so-called impeachment directors, concluded his speech with a list of questions he would have posed to Donald Trump if the former president agreed to testify before the Senate.

Why did President Trump not ask his followers to stop the attack on the Capitol building as soon as he knew it? Why did President Trump not do anything – for at least two hours after the attack began – to stop the attack? Why did President Trump not condemn the violent uprising and the rebels that day?

Democratic politician is on the list. The majority of Republicans still disagree with the prosecution process. Senators Johnny Ernst, Marco Rubio and Mike Rounds said the impeachment process could not be taken against an out of office president. “There are other remedies instead of wasting our time on this in the Senate,” Ernst said.

Senate leaders had previously agreed that during the proceedings, both the prosecution and defense would be given 16 hours to present their arguments, up to a maximum of 8 hours per day. That is, the Democrats will speak on Wednesday and Thursday, and Trump’s lawyers will speak on Friday and Saturday. Later, the senators will also have the opportunity to pose questions and obtain additional procedural votes. David Schwen, one of Donald Trump’s defense attorneys, said before Thursday that it was unlikely that the former president’s legal team would use the full time allotted to him during the proceedings. Trump spokesman Jason Miller said on Twitter that legal professionals are expected to finish their defensive speech on Friday. Donald Trump is the first US president that the House of Representatives has voted against him twice to begin impeachment; In 2019, he was tried for insulting his position and obstructing the work of Congress, then the Senate removed him. Most likely, this will be the end of the proceedings as well, since a two-thirds majority in the Senate is required for conviction, but the Republican to Democrat ratio in the body is 50:50. Consequently, at least 17 Republicans must support the president’s conviction, and even in Tuesday’s vote, only six of them voted for constitutional impeachment against Trump.

If Donald Trump is ultimately indicted, he may lose the benefits he deserves and the Senate can hold a follow-up vote to not run again in the presidential election. It no longer requires two-thirds, just a simple majority.

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