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His brother spoke about the release of Lajsi Lajsi, who was convicted of stealing electricity

His brother spoke about the release of Lajsi Lajsi, who was convicted of stealing electricity

On April 26 last year, Lajesi Lajesi stunningly entered Paracasca prison by private ambulance after being sentenced to three and a half years in prison for stealing electricity, water and gas. The trumpeter was originally supposed to be behind bars earlier, on February 15, but even then he started playing tricks and asked for a postponement due to his mysterious illness and poor health. Since then, the trumpeter has been trying to get out of prison first, but many of his requests have been rejected.

According to the latest information, he is no longer in prison, as he was transferred to the prison hospital in Peretioevalu, where he has remained under observation since then, under constant medical supervision. A few months ago, rumors circulated that he might leave the prison hospital soon, after he and his lawyer succeeded, and that he might go to a reintegration detention center to serve the rest of his sentence at home.

His lawyer has already submitted several petitions to the court to place him under house arrest, i.e. reintegration detention, but his petitions have been rejected several times. However, there was a change at the beginning of the year, as the trumpeter's legal representative, Zsolt Chontus, stated that Lajcsi fully complies with all legal requirements, so he will soon receive the required discount, but since then there has been no news of the trumpeter in prison.

Lajsi Lajsi forbade his brother from revealing anything about him
Photo: Source: MTI/Peter Lakatos

Now his brother has also spoken about the expected release of Lajcsi Lajzi, revealing something surprising.

I don't have any information about my brother's release date, and I'm telling you this quite frankly

– said István Galambos, Lajsi's ​​brother, who had previously spoken a lot about the musician, but now it has become clear why he was silent for some time.

Only he can call me from prison, but I cannot make calls. The last time I spoke to him he was cheerful and seemed fine.

I don't know exactly when he will be released, I'm just waiting for his calls. Your attorney should be able to give you the details, because he or she is authorized to make a statement regarding the matter.

My brother asked me not to comment. I get the information from the lawyer myself, and we usually talk on the phone.

All I know is that my brother can talk for fifty minutes a week, and that time flies by in many places, because he talks to his kids and his legal representative as well. Pepper Lajsi's ​​brother Lajsi, who has forbidden him from revealing any information about him, is also in contact with him from prison.

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