Hillary Clinton, Cardi B and More Audition to Read ‘Fire and Fury’ Audiobook at Grammys 2018

We had the opportunity to read Fire & Fury and it read like a juicy drama. One which you kept reading hoping for the climax and a happy ending. No happy ending came just the repetitive foolishness coming out of the white house.  We would encourage you to read the book if you are one of us who enjoys following politics in the era of Trump. Its a great read if you love following the latest from our commander and chief.



Every action has a cause and affect. We want to look at some of the side affects of having Trump for a president.

  1. He made us all believe that we could be in politics. Where before for many there was this imaginary line between someone who runs for mayor and someone like me and you. Not any more I know you have thought if Trump can be president then Oprah could or even Kanye West. Honestly I think we can all agree that any of us interested could give it a good college try similar to president Trump.
  2. The wave of women support and entering politics is phenomenal. Groups like Emily’s List are supporting and encouraging more and more women to run for political positions. Their vision is a government that reflects the people it serves, and decision makers who genuinely and enthusiastically fight for greater opportunity and better lives for the Americans they represent. We will work for larger leadership roles for pro-choice Democratic women in our legislative bodies and executive seats so that our families can benefit from the open-minded, productive contributions that women have consistently made in office.
  3. Young people are jumping up and demanding change either through voting or activism. Students from several different backgrounds are becoming the change that they want to see. Man are even running for office while still in college.

We make these points to say that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We the people needed something to fight for and even more that than we needed a force that appeared to be so great that we felt emotionally compelled to fight back. I think that’s exactly where we find our self right now.


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