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High air and large sums of money are being pumped to the shores of the Venetian lagoon

High air and large sums of money are being pumped to the shores of the Venetian lagoon

Hungary’s first state-supported kayak academy, Katalin Kovacs National Kayak Academy (KKNKKA), began operating in Socorro in December 2020. Katalin Kovacs, namesake and president of the academy, is a three-time Olympic champion and thirty-one world champion in kayaking, She dreamed of a sports academy based on new and unique systems in the world, which in the long run could be a great training workshop for Hungary’s most successful Olympic sport, kayaking.

The KKNKKA Academy, which is currently being built on the banks of Lake Velence, is the first academy in Hungary to be at the service of individual sports.

Water base for competitive sports and education

The giant new 97,000 square meter facility, scheduled for delivery in the summer of 2024, will serve competitive sports on the one hand, and will also be a central sports venue for schools in the region, and can also be a base for national team preparation.

The complex is EU Public Procurement Notice According to its data, it could be built by West Hungária Bau Kft. From Biatorbágy for 43 billion 415 million Hungarian forints, Katalin in the National Academy of Kayaking and Canoeing.

According to plans, the equipment provides the future generation of athletes with a great opportunity to increase performance and rejuvenation, because high-altitude aerial training improves physical performance by increasing muscle function and increasing the body’s oxygen transport and absorption.

Air rise for outstanding performance

By spending the night in well-ventilated rooms at high altitudes and training 2-3 times a week in conditions that simulate mountain heights, athletes can significantly increase their performance.

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Altitude training simulator

The concept of an altitude training simulator was developed and patented in 1995 by Hypoxico Inc. in New York. Since then, many Olympic organizations, sports clubs, football clubs and private fitness clubs have adopted this advanced training concept and installed such systems for their athletes.

In collaboration with Hypoxico Group and West Hungária Bau Kft. At Kovács Katalin Kayak Canoe Academy

Eight two-person residential units and a 16-person gymnasium will be created, which will be provided by the system with air-controlled height conditions.

The device will produce 2,500 l/min of high-altitude air with an O2 level of 15 percent, so each room will receive at least 300 l/min of fresh, sterilized hypoxic air every night, which will provide a sufficient and comfortable atmosphere for two athletes to rest like our room. In addition, the high-altitude air supply in the rooms can be regulated separately according to the training plan by installing a central digital control system, and in the diagnostic gym, training exercises and stress measurements during sports activities can be carried out under the supervision of high-altitude air conditions.

The Sports Academy’s namesake, Katalin Kovacs, a three-time Olympic kayak champion, said at a previous event that in her time, sports science and sports diagnostics were not as prominent as they are today, so such a background could certainly add to a career.

Planned delivery date for Katalin Kovacs National Kayak and Canoe Academy’s Socorro Complex: Summer 2024.

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