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Hideo Kojima almost got rid of Metal Gear Solid 2 after the September 11th attacks?!

Hideo Kojima almost got rid of Metal Gear Solid 2 after the September 11th attacks?!

Hideo Kojima recently stated that MGS2 has been modified in three hundred (!) places so that it does not resemble real events.

Hideo Kojima found himself in a difficult situation in September 2001. The Metal Gear Solid 2 In the end, Arsenal Gear crashes into Manhattan. In the game, the scene simply jumps from the ship speeding across the ocean to lying among the many crumbling buildings of New York.

Some behind-the-scenes details that have come to light over the years have indicated that scenes depicting Arsenal falling into the city were removed due to 9/11.

In a recent translated interview with Weekly Toyo Keizai magazine, Kojima said so “The game’s depiction of themes and many similarities to the real 9/11 made it unsuitable for release at the time. After consulting with lawyers, the end result was that the game needed to be revised at 300 points. Needless to say, we were in a crunch and it compromised The release and sale of the game is at risk.”

Kojima said he was summoned to a meeting with Konami’s board of directors. There they explain the details of the story of MGS2. “Everyone’s facial expressions showed that >> This is not good <<” Kojima said.

At the time, the director thought so “The game should not be released in this period. I have no choice but to take responsibility and resign from the company.”. Two people changed Kojima’s mind. One of them was the head of Sony Computer Entertainment, Ken Kutaragi, who told him this “This is not an issue to be ashamed of. Go ahead and fire up the game.”

next to Kojima He also communicated with Kagemasa Kozuki, the founder of Konami, via e-mail. He replied that >> I have already decided. The game should be released. What do you think? << I was touched by his words and I made my decision as well ».

Although the game’s release was “delayed by a few weeks”, Metal Gear Solid 2 was finally released in November 2001 to critical acclaim and is still loved by fans today.

MGS2 wasn’t the only game in 2001 to undergo post-9/11 changes. Grand Theft Auto 3 changed the design of Liberty City police cars to make them look less like real NYPD cars. Spider-Man 2: Electro has been delayed for PS1. This was the last change of course. It was supposed to take place on top of the World Trade Center.

source: Twitter

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