Amerikai megrendeléseket kapott a Hexagon Purus

Hexagon Purus received US orders

At the time of the announcement, Hexagon provided only minimal information, but indicated a total turnover of the business of $2.2 million. Todd Sloan, executive vice president of Hexagon Purus Systems, provided only general remarks about hydrogen’s increasing role in shipping at the time of the announcement. Hexagon was equally hawkish about a larger contract for fuel cell buses last month.

The Hexagon Purus kit includes an electric drivetrain, fuel cell unit, as well as the Hexagon Purus ProCab hydrogen storage system and ProPack high-energy lithium-ion battery packs. The company offers these systems not only for light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, but also for bus, marine, rail and aerospace applications.

Events happen quickly

What is certain is that assembly will move quickly: Payment needed to order unnamed “big truck manufacturers” will be shipped in the United States beginning in the second quarter of 2022.

Earlier this year, the Norwegian company acquired German supplier Wystrach, which specializes in high-pressure systems and hydrogen technology. The two companies have worked together before, writes.

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