He's hoping for more than the first Red Bull race, but he still believes in the World Cup

He’s hoping for more than the first Red Bull race, but he still believes in the World Cup

Sergio Briz missed the lead in Red Bull’s first season, but that didn’t bother him and he still believes he could one day be the world champion. And when he doesn’t know what to do, he stops racing.

Despite his win (in the chaotic Big Azeri when Verstappen got a hole before him and Hamilton ran out of the penalty area after falling from the start), this season has helped the team win the World Cup, Sergio Preston. On the other hand, the Mexican team sees the reasons for the delay in the few test opportunities and the very stagnant philosophy, and did not say that one day it will be the world champion.

Azerbaijan won its second Formula 1 race, but is late overallForrs: Getty Images / 2021 Getty Images / Clive Rose

“I really enjoy working with the team. With the people, the brand, the culture of Red Bull and the brand itself. There is a lot of work to do with what I used to do from other teams. Red Bull is a strong brand, but I think it’s great to be a part of it,” he said. Mexican TAG-Heuer Team: “I had a great time working with Max, our race team and the team.” the edge Nev podcasting.

Last year, Red Bull extended its contract for fourth place in the points race last year by a year, and by 2022 it will certainly remain a member of the field. The fact that for some time in 2020 it was not certain that there would be a number of places in F1 is certainly a positive. 31 She knows she loves doing it, and she hasn’t stopped getting up.

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“I think the most important plyafutsom at this point is guiding what I do. Once I’m not driving, it’s time to go home because I don’t have to be here. I’m here because I totally believe I can be a world champion and because I’m working with the team. This is. I’m Hls Red Bull to renew my contract”

More tests were needed

In another interview with Max Verstappent, Mexico is a year behind the entire season, goodbye.

Wasn’t able to fight Red Bull in pre-season testing in BahrainForrs: Formula 1 via Getty Images / Clive Mason / Clive Mason

“We have to bear in mind that with a completely different philosophy, I was able, for example, to help those who were in the earlier part of my career. Adaptation was slow in this regard. The car and the engine are completely different, so I had to learn a lot with Good team, without testing. Before the first race, I had another day in the car, the first of which had aerodynamic tests, so I didn’t drive anything before the first race.”

“There are many aspects to consider, but overall, I think it has been an encouraging season. Obviously I was hoping for more, but that’s it, I have to keep pushing. We’ve had positive and negative days too, but the longer we stay together, We are getting stronger as a team.”

On the plus side, it could be double that this time around, and because of the new cars, everyone is starting from scratch, but you might be concerned that Red Bull usually has Max Verstappen’s needs in mind when it comes to car design, which usually means that the Dutch national team Suffers from driving.

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