He's adored by the star of Netflix's Good Hands, Can Organcioglu

He’s adored by the star of Netflix’s Good Hands, Can Organcioglu

Obviously, American and British shows are the most popular on Netflix, but there are also quite a few non-English movies and series on the streaming provider’s list – just think of Win Your Life, Big Money, or Elite. Moreover, more and more Turkish works can be found on the platform, recently, for example, the romantic film In Good Hands has spread to the top ten shows. One of the main characters in the story is the star of the series Infinite Love, Kan Organcioglu.

The star boasts of Turkish, Albanian and Syrian origins, and he did not leave his career to chance, graduating with a master’s degree in Film and Drama from Kadir Has University in Istanbul. Moreover, he built his future so consciously that he enrolled in acting classes at Stella Adler’s acting studio in New York. The man spent six months in the United States because of his studies and (We already know very well)The invested work pays off.

By the way, Kahn first appeared on the screen in 2002 in the Turkish series Karaoğlan. (According to the news, family-friendly actress Demet Akpag encouraged her and helped her start the career…) Of course, there is no doubt that it was the series of endless love and the character of Prince Kuzkooglu that made her name known – all over the world.

Organcioglu was in endless love (Image: YouTube)

Since then, we’ve been able to catch his name on Netflix – where he plays Introduction to Love (Love 101) Also in the comedy-drama series, where a group of teens work to get one of their favorite teachers together with someone else.

Although millions of women today are curious about the privacy of Kaan Urgancioglu, she does her best to keep it to herself. Despite her presence on social media, she hardly posts — and even if she does, she doesn’t necessarily upload photos of her. On the other hand, it is clear from her Insta that she loves animals…

Like his mysterious love, Zeynep Oymac – who is also involved in acting. Insiders say they could marry at any moment.

If we’re already in the series anyway, can we recommend a couple?

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