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Heroes Unboxed and 5 other new mobile games to watch out for

Heroes Unboxed and 5 other new mobile games to watch out for

Unfortunately, it is not inconceivable that in the future we will only be able to access the best quality mobile games without microtransactions by subscribing to certain services. However, more games are still being published separately, but what is included in an Apple Arcade or Netflix offering seems to be a different level.

Netflix subscribers are doing well this week too, it’s worth becoming a member even if you’re not interested in series and movies, just games. Anyway, whatever is currently only available on mobile will be playable on TV.

The advent of the featured mobile game

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed (iOSAnd android) – Netflix subscription required

Legendary LEGO minifigures return in LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, a role-playing game where you explore the seas and the Wild West. You can collect heroes who engage in battles with unique abilities, you can take a closer look at elaborate LEGO City, LEGO Pirates and LEGO Castle sets and build LEGO Castle sets, and you can also participate in multiplayer battles. Made by one of the best mobile development teams, Gameloft, it’s definitely worth a shot – and it doesn’t have microtransactions, since it’s part of a Netflix offering.

More mobile game looks

Bullet Hell Heroes (iOSAnd android) – Free Shipping

Extreme Makeover Home Edition (iOSAnd android) – Free Shipping

Juratar (iOSAnd android) – Free Shipping

Babylon Library (iOS) – Free Shipping

bowling survival (iOS) – Free Shipping

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