Heroes 3 Developed Destruction Video

Heroes 3 Developed Destruction Video


The destruction of the Earth will not only have a visual effect, but also play a role in terms of tactics.

17/6/2017 23:21 | Gerge | Category: game

The entertainment leftovers Came up with another developer record where Heroes Company 3 theme play. Exactly they will focus on a certain gameplay this time, which will be an important part of the gameplay. And this is nothing but the susceptibility to destruction.

In the video, the terrain, especially the destructibility of buildings, plays a major role. Whereas in previous episodes we were able to play on basically fixed tracks, now the entire terrain will be planable.

There is a lot of work that developers do to destroy buildings, and as a result the bricks, beams, roof tiles and everything else will really crack and crumble. With a well-aimed shot, we can knock down church spiers or make a hole in the walls of apartment buildings. Destruction will have a tactical role as well as being very impressive. This is because falling debris can damage soldiers near the building. But debris can also provide great cover later.

Company of Heroes 3 is scheduled to be released exclusively for PC later this year. ■

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