Here's the science against Godzilla Kong beyond her inner land!

Here’s the science against Godzilla Kong beyond her inner land!

Sometimes science practitioners make mistakes, and for many years or decades, something becomes scientifically acceptable and turns out to be incorrect. Even large skulls like Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton were wrong, and of course countless “scientific facts” can now be cited here, which over time turned out to be not so … (for example, that different regions of our language have different flavors – Salty, sweet, sour, bitter – in fact, our language isn’t zoned this way.)

For a long time, it was also an accepted theory that the Earth is hollow, which is still the best degree of flat Earth anyway, but we have to pass everyone by: none of it is true. Of course, this theory is not XX. A century, but can be dated much earlier: Edmund Halley, the famous astronomer (named after Halley’s comet) lived in the 18th century, and still considers the Earth a hollow.

And why do you think so? Well, this is all “wrong” of Isaac Newton, who previously erroneously concluded that the moon is nearly twice as dense as the Earth (5: 9). Based on this, in addition to the migration of Earth’s magnetic poles – and the myth of the underground underworld that appears in nearly all ancient cultures – Haley believed that there were cavities within the Earth (otherwise, damn it would have a lower density than the Moon). The truth, of course, is that the ratio of the moon’s density to that of the Earth is not that great, and there are no cavities underground – although the last misconception, if nothing else, would have been good for inspiring creators like for example Jules Verne.

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Well, the Earth isn’t flat, not even hollow. But what if it is? Could giant monsters like Godzilla or Kong live beneath us? Well, if we simply look at the biology of the two animals first, not because kung will fry himself on the inside (yes, for example, constant internal body temperature is also a limiting factor in warm-blooded animals), but if you’ve discovered something on the outside, it will collapse Your bones are simply out of your weight. This is because mammals do not have the trick, like birds (and of course, more relevant here: dinosaurs) to lighten their bones with airbags. In Godzilla, even this is conceivable, but the animals towering over the skyscrapers are unimaginable even under these conditions. The largest animal on Earth is the blue whale, and it also can only grow to this size (25 meters, between 50 and 150 tons) because it lives in water.

What about animals the size of dinosaurs? Could a flock of brachiosaurus live under us? Well, there will be free land. If we had to travel only 600 kilometers downwards (which is an appalling number in that direction anyway), the geoid surface area available would be equal to that of Venus, that is, it corresponds to 90% of the Earth’s surface, meaning the Sea of ​​Habitat. So there is no problem with this part.

However, there are two factors that should not be neglected: one is pressure and the other is temperature. At sea level the former is around 1000 hPa, approx. It is located on the summit of Mount Everest, at an altitude of 9 kilometers, and it is only approx. 1/3, but as you move in the other direction, this number shifts coarser. Approximately 15 km below sea level, the air pressure will be 20 times higher than the pressure measured at sea level, so it is not difficult to see that we can encounter a maximum of 600 km of pancakes.

But if there’s something that can withstand the pressure (since there’s also life at the bottom of the Mariana Trench), there’s still another limiting factor: the dreaded overheating. The deepest hole dug into the ground is in Russia and is only 12 km deep. It was planned to be 15 km deep, but they were forced to stop digging because the heat beneath was so low (around 180 ° C) that the rocks behave like plasticine. As the drilling engineers said: digging to such a depth as if we were trying to dig a hole in a bowl of vegetables …

So it is feared, as is often, that the laws of physics this time limit the creation of this wonderful underground world …

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