Here's the proof: the Hungarian presenter and singer broke up

Here’s the proof: the Hungarian presenter and singer broke up

A few days ago, our newspaper was the first to report this Gergely Pap and his lover of 24 years younger than him may have separatedPetra Pinter. It seems that the assumptions at the time were correct, because the singer could already be seen on her social media page in the company of another man, and He also posted such a picturewhich clearly confirms their relationship.

The relationship between Gergely Babb and Petra Pinter has ended (Photo: Instagram)

They have kept their relationship secret for a long time

The presenter announced two years ago that he was divorcing his wife after 17 years, and then also revealed that they were happy. Although he did not want to reveal more about his chosen one at the time, the two ended up falling in love with each other during a vacation in Croatia. It turns out that Mr. Pimasz’s heart has been stolen by a talented younger singer, and it also becomes clear to the audience that there is great chemistry between them.

Interestingly, Judith and I found a new partner around the same time. Life could have brought us casual relationships, but I knew from the first time I met my current partner that this was dangerous. This was also the case for Judit and her partner. We’ve been together for three months, civil, but when the time comes, I’ll tell you more about it

– the presenter revealed two years ago, but since then something has been lost. The first thing fans noticed was that they had not been seen in each other’s company for a few months, and the photos together were gone. And the picture of Petra put the dot on the first letter.

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