Here's the heyday of Volkswagen's electric car

Here’s the heyday of Volkswagen’s electric car

The Volkswagen ID.Aero, the latest purely electric model based on the MEB ID floorboard, was unveiled at an online event broadcast from China this afternoon. family. The nearly 5-meter-long vehicle, which is intended to be a successor to the Passat, will be the brand’s new top model, at least Trinity until access. The company positions the model in the mid-size luxury sedans category.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much technical data in the short rendering, but we did know that a drag coefficient of 0.23 that rivals the Arteone’s contributes to the car’s excellent aerodynamics, resulting in an estimated range of 620 kilometers according to WLTP. In the car, a 77 kWh battery pack supplies electricity to the electric motor, hence the identifier. The largest battery pack used in the rest of the series has been added to the sedan, but the company hasn’t said if there has been any improvement in the battery system.

The production version of the ID.Aero will be introduced in early 2023 in China, where it will be available in two versions – one to be produced by FAW-Volkswagen and the other by the SAIC-Volkswagen joint venture. Distribution will begin in the second half of 2023. The model will also be available in Europe and the United States, with slightly modified design and specifications expected, but by the end of 2023, sales will begin in these markets. The new facility in Europe will produce the new models.

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