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Here’s the big announcement: another investor in Nyiregyhaza!  – Nyiregyhaza County City Gate

Here’s the big announcement: another investor in Nyiregyhaza! – Nyiregyhaza County City Gate

Great news again! Another investor in Nyiregyhaza!

Electrolux’s announcement in February of its intention to close its factory in Nyiregyhaza still causes serious concern to the city administration, but since then we have been in constant consultation with the company. In the context of close cooperation, we have studied several possibilities for an external party to whom the site could be sold.

It was announced yesterday: Swedish company Qvantum, which produces high-quality electric heat pumps and was founded in 1993, will purchase the Electrolux facility in a landmark acquisition. The production plant is being gradually converted to electric heat pump production, and production is expected to begin in the second half of 2024. Qvantum expects the site to have an annual production capacity of 1 million heat pumps, making Qvantum one of the largest manufacturers in Europe.

The production plant in Nyerygyháza will be Qvantum’s third plant after Limhamn and Åstorp in Sweden. With this, Qvantum strengthens its position in the field of decarbonisation and electrification of cities and other settlements across Europe, offering smart, easy-to-install, easy-to-service and affordable electric heat pumps to a wide range of customers.

The great success of Nyiregyhaza, and the next sign of the much-talked-about new industrial revolution, is that another company at the forefront of CO2 reduction has chosen our city as an investor. It is particularly pleasing that, according to promises, the new factory can provide employment opportunities for many Electrolux employees.

All this was mentioned by Dr. Ferenc Kovacs on the largest social portal!

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