Here's how to make your hair look perfect for this year's Christmas party

Here’s how to make your hair look perfect for this year’s Christmas party

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Christmas parties are just around the corner, but we no longer have to worry about preparations, this year’s hairstyle can be created easily in our bathroom. Thanks to the Rowenta hair styler, you can create the perfect long-lasting hairstyle in minutes, and the rest of the time is all about choosing your outfit. Whether we vote for sleek, sleek, ironed hair, loose curls or tight ponytails, creating them isn’t difficult with Rowenta’s superior hair styler.

If you have a high-quality curling iron at home, you don’t need a regular iron for festive occasions Hairstyle To stay. We can straighten our hair, as shiny and straight hair is still one of the most beautiful hairstyles. Long and straight hair can be used to make a great ponytail, which accentuates your facial features and always gives you a stylish look.

Loose waves are also fashionable, they make our hair more voluminous, and our look will instantly become romantic. Wrap the hair strands one by one on the hair straightener and slowly pull them out. After all the strands of hair become wavy, we carefully comb them with our fingers and fix our hair. When using the new ROWENTA hair styler, it is enough to use the cold shot function instead of hairspray.

And if it’s not too tight, it’s a high, loose ponytail Hairstyle Not our favorite, let’s have a semi-released, wavy version, which is not only practical but also very trendy. Comb your hair and tie it into a ponytail. The hair is wrapped around the ponytail around the elastic band to make an irregular knot, which is secured with bobby pins. The lower strands of hair are waved with a hair straightener or curling iron.

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An elegant low bun with loose front strands looks good on every woman. You can let the front locks loosely hug your face or curl them to wave around your face.

All we have to do is choose the right hair styler and spend some time in the shower, and we’re ready to party!

The Rowenta Inimitable Ultimate Experience hair straightener (SF8230) Ensures that our hairstyle is unique. Perfectly straightened and voluminous hair is achieved by using the comb on the iron – the comb precisely guides the hair from root to tip through the 3D iron plates with a metallic surface. Two 3D floating plates ensure perfect contact with the hair along its entire length. Thanks to the perfect glide and rounded edges, the hair does not stretch or break, and thanks to the removable comb, you can not only iron it, but also wave or curl it. When ironing, 100% of the keratin remains in the hair to keep it shiny and smooth.

If it is new Rowenta Ultimate Experience Air Care for hairdressing (CF4310) Chosen, we can achieve the perfect wavy curls. Simply wrap the strand of hair around the device, blow cool air on it, hold it for a few seconds (depending on the wave you want), and release the strand. The cold air cools our hair, which is not dry but shiny and resilient Our hairstyle Fresh Flow technology will protect the health of your hair and scalp – it protects against overheating by using a gentle, cool airflow. At the same time, the cool air ensures that the curls are perfectly fixed. The hair styling head has a quartz ceramic surface and with ionization technology eliminates static electricity for a smooth and shiny result. It only takes three seconds to style a lock of hair!

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