Here's another draw from Elon Musk, they'll make a billboard in space

Here’s another draw from Elon Musk, they’ll make a billboard in space

Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), a Canadian startup that provides technology services a Business Insidernek He said in a statement that Elon Musk is using SpaceX to enable space advertising.

Samuel Reed, CEO and co-founder of GEC, said the company is working on a satellite called CubeSat. Reed said there will be a pixel screen on one side of the satellite that will display advertisements, logos and artwork.

The company plans to launch the CubeSat with a SpaceX Falcon 9 space rocket.

After joining the field, he was attached to the side of the CubeSat Shelfibot Presentation will be depicted. Read said the recording will be streamed live on YouTube or Twitch so anyone can watch the show.

The launch date is set for early 2022.

Tokens must be purchased to advertise on CubeSat. There are five icons to choose from: A beta X format, Ro y coordinate, gamma brightness kappa color and eleventh indicates time. With the Beta and Rho codes, people can decide where to place their pixels. Gamma and Kappa tokens allow you to control how their pixels look, while the XI token determines how long they will be visible.

The tokens will be available for purchase in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. In the future, the GEC wants to introduce the salaries of dogecoinos.

Reed said companies, advertisers, artists, and anyone else interested will be able to put their illustrations on the CubeSat. Red imagines the CubeSat display to look similar to artboards like Reddit’s Place and Satoshi’s Place.

Source: Reddit

Reid approached SpaceX in 2018 to start the advertising project, but received no response. He said it took a while for SpaceX to take the GEC seriously, and by the time the meeting finally succeeded.

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