Itt ellenőrizheted, hogy a Google mit tud a vásárlásaidról

Here you can check what Google knows about your purchases

Did you know that Google keeps track of your online purchases? Gmail’s comprehensive information reads all purchases, subscriptions, and reservations from your inbox.

If you don’t believe me, just click A Link And marvel stare!

Scary isn’t it?

I admit, I was surprised myself. but that is not all! Once you’re here, quickly check out everything Big Brother knows about you:

1.) Date: You can see it here on Google your search history, that you have previously viewed in your browser.

2.) Location record: It can be found here Places Google has been used.

3.) Get out “everything.” export information from Google.

4.) Ads: find here that a file Custom Google AdsThrough , which personalizes ads based on users’ online activities.

5.) control Board – An activity page used by Google Report all services.

6.) YouTube search history – YouTube all searches He went.

7.) licenses – there he isspread outPermissions you’ve granted to extensions and websites:

8.) safety – To keep your account secure Settings and suggestions.



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