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Here you can catch cherry blossoms in Hungary

Here you can catch cherry blossoms in Hungary

After the seemingly endless cold winter, good weather has finally come, and at the same time, nature is also reviving. At such times, it is best to admire the flowering trees and marvel at the daily miracles.

If it were cherry blossoms, we automatically think of Japan, but we don’t need to travel that far to have similar experiences. This is why we have rounded up some local places that are worth visiting if you are fascinated by the sights floating in pink clouds.

When is cherry blossom season?

Flowering usually begins at the beginning of March and lasts until May. It should be noted that this interval is not set in stone, so the flowering period of the trees may vary from one location to another due to different weather and natural conditions.


There are many places in the capital where you can stroll by the fragrant cherry trees. Like the Arpad Tooth Park. A few minutes’ walk from Fisherman’s Bastion, a quiet street greets us with a stunning view of the city, and of course flowering cherry trees flank our path.

It would be a shame to walk along the flowering Arpad Tooth Promenade without taking pictures

the Gellert Hill Wildlife is very colorful in the spring, which is why we can come here if we want to enjoy the cherry blossoms. The panorama of the city in front of our feet enhances the experience.

Flowering branches frame Szabadság Bridge.

Flowering branches frame Szabadság Bridge

In some places, celebrating the cherry blossoms is a tradition. This is the case, for example Elte Botanical GardenWhere visitors can stroll on the grass and enjoy the flowers, as is the Japanese custom. Other traditional Japanese customs can also be learned during the event.

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Photo caption: ELTE Botanical Garden and Preserving Japanese Traditions


It is located near Szolnok WidelyWhere it is worth taking a walk along the tree-lined promenade. One of the most beautiful and important events in Nagykörű is the Cherry Blossom Festival.


Szeged It is considered the “City of the Rising Sun” because most of the sun’s rays here reach the territory of Hungary, and the locals can enjoy about 2050-2100 hours of sunshine each year. In spring, this is enhanced by an aisle of colorful flowers and umbrellas.

Szeged Town Hall is captured from a large corner.

Szeged Town Hall is captured from a large corner


You can also find passages suitable for a fairy tale in unusual places. the in Pecs General Cemetery Many famous figures are buried, but the Japanese cherry tree line is most popular in the spring.

Pecs General Cemetery is stunningly colorful in the spring.

Pecs General Cemetery is stunningly colorful in the spring

muddy stream

muddy stream It is located in Bodrog Valley. Every year in April, cherry trees bloom in front of the Greek Catholic Church. Many people like to sit on the nearby benches to enjoy the unique view from there.

on his pearls

We also have good news for those who don’t like to walk in nature. on his pearls The famous cherry trees can also be viewed from the car. The place also favors Volán’s passengers with its unusual way. If you have the chance, it is worth driving slowly along the road so you can fully enjoy the beauty of the place.

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authorTrainee: Sarolta Balogh, picture: Getty Images, Instagram

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