Here is the first trailer for the Thai cave rescue series on Netflix

Here is the first trailer for the Thai cave rescue series on Netflix

The Thai cave rescue The six-part series will arrive on September 22nd.

In 2018, the attention of the entire world was captured by a massive international rescue operation in Thailand struggling to free thirteen boys who were trapped in a cave: no one would have believed that the operation could be successful (not even at first that anyone would have survived). Cave’s early days), but eventually all thirteen were safely brought out of the cave.

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The modern-day prodigy naturally attracts movies. Amazon recently introduced Ron Howard thirteen lives (with Colin Farrell and Viggo Mortensen), Now it’s Netflix’s turn: On September 22, Thai cave rescue (Approx. “Thailand Cave Rescue”) A six-part series. The first trailer for the series has now arrived. writes The Hollywood Reporter.

The series was filmed entirely in Thailand (as opposed to the Ron Howard movie, which was filmed in Australia). The Thai cave rescue It will mostly present events from the perspective of the locals, while thirteen lives He experimented with a broader, more summarized perspective. The Netflix series is the only one among many series produced in official collaboration with the Thirteen Survivors; Amazon can boast of the cooperation of the divers who led the rescue.

directed by Michael Russell Gunn and Dana Ledoux Miller; They are also show makers and writers. It features one of the most famous Thai directors, Baz Bunberia, and Thai-American Kevin Tancharoen.

The story undoubtedly deserves attention, as it is one of those true hero stories that doesn’t even need coloring to go beyond any disaster feature film. The courage of the children and their coach, the constant heroism of rescue divers, and the power of international cooperation deserve either the cinema or the television screen. But it is remarkable that so far many works have dealt with this topic: in addition to the Ron Howard film and the Netflix series, there was also independent work, the cave, which premiered at the Busan Festival in 2019; Documentary film, Rescue It was shown on National Geographic in 2021.

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