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Here is the entrance to the underworld

Here is the entrance to the underworld

The ancient Greeks knew several entrances to the underworld, the most famous of which is at Cape Tinaro.

For the ancient Greeks, the underworld was a virtually existing place that even the living could visit. There are many descriptions showing the entrance to the realm of the dead, and one of these gates is still well known today, he writes. IFLScience.

Cape Ténaro is located in the Peloponnese region of Greece, at the tip of the Mani Peninsula, and there is a special cave system here. The entrance is at sea level, and the “gate” features the remains of a Spartan temple on a rock

Although the ancient Greeks knew of several entrances to the underworld, this is the most famous.

Many descriptions of the kingdom of the god Hades have been preserved, Homer For example is The Iliadin and that to OdysseyHe describes it as a dark, featureless place where the dead exist as pitiful shadows. Later, the characterization of the underworld became more diverse, and the idea of ​​Tartarus, which could be understood as Hell, and Élüzion, similar to Heaven, also appeared.

Many people are known from Greek literature who descended into the underworld, among them Hercules and Orpheus – the latter found the gate at Cape Tinaru in search of his beloved. geographer in the second century, Pausanias He also introduced Cape Tinaru in detail, noting that it is said to be the entrance to the underworld.

Fabron / Getty Images – Cape Tinaro at the present time.

The Mani Peninsula, with its rocky walls, is an impressive sight in itself. For the Spartans, the area was of particular importance, since many temples were built here, including the Temple of Poseidon. Today, the structure serves as a Christian church, and the entrance to the underworld can be approached from here.

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