Here is the announcement by Joe Biden around the world: America will host four times the number of refugees

Biden thought to himself two weeks after his government announced that the 15,000-person limit set by the Trump government would remain in effect. Biden said in a statement that the historic decline in personnel did not reflect the values ​​of America, the country that supports refugees.

Incidentally, Biden indicated immediately after taking office that he wanted to increase the number of refugees who could be accommodated, but many were surprised that he did not in the end, as he believed that the refugee crisis on the southern border of the United States to play a role. Additionally, according to the Biden government, due to the restrictions imposed by the Trump government, they cannot increase tire numbers fast enough.

However, the above-mentioned US asylum program does not equal the opportunities offered to asylum seekers. Refugees go through strict screening before they can enter the United States, in contrast, asylum seekers simply arrive at the US border and apply for asylum there.

Moreover, Biden acknowledged that he had doubts that he would be able to absorb 62,500 refugees by the end of the fiscal year, that is, until September 30, or keep the 125,000 planned for next year.

It is also important to note that the hundreds of refugees already screened by the US authorities have already had to cancel their trips due to the late increase in numbers and the resulting uncertainty.

Cover photo source: David McNew / Getty Images

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