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Here are the strangest landscapes in the world that you should see once in your life!

Here are the strangest landscapes in the world that you should see once in your life!

Romantic, wild and captivating. These colorful and surreal landscapes tempt you to discover the most beautiful corners of the world.

Valiant Potash Mine, Utah, USA

Charming colors of blueSource: shutterstock / Denis Davydenko

Intrepid Potash Company is the largest potash producer in the United States along the Colorado River. The pools are about 1.5 square kilometers in size and are lined with rubber to keep the salts inside. The lakes are surrounded by deep red desert soil, and the bright blue color of the water comes from an artificially added pigment that helps absorb and evaporate sunlight. Once the potassium and salts are excreted, they are collected and processed.

Lake Hillier, Australia

Lake Hillier is always pinkSource: shutterstock/Matteo_It

Lake Hillier, known for its deep pink color, is located on the Middle Island off the coast of Western Australia. Its pink color is due to the high salt concentration and the algae that thrive in this unusual environment. Scientists still don’t know exactly why the water turns pink, because unlike other pink lakes – whose color fades over time – Lake Hillier retains its bright, bright color all year round. Moreover, the lake is located on a lush green island next to the gorgeous blue waters of the Indian Ocean, so these natural colors make the scene even more stunning.

Flygeiser, Nevada, USA

The dazzling colors of the flying geyserSource: shutterstock / photo by Lukas Bischoff

The colorful geothermal Fly Geyser, located 20 miles from Gerlach, is a real tourist attraction. The geyser was not created by nature, but was created in 1916 while drilling a well. In the 1960s, thermal water penetrated the wall of the well and the flying geyser came to life. While the first time the water was too hot to use, the second time it was not hot enough to be used to generate power. The geyser is still active to this day, with water flowing from it about 1.5 meters away. Terraces were created around it, from which water also flows, forming 30-40 ponds. The water and soil here are so hot that it is not recommended to walk around without shoes.

Mount Roraima, Venezuela

Huge Mount RoraimaSource: shutterstock / Alexei Sheyan

At the intersection of Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela is the highest table mountain in the world. There is only one way up the flat mountain, which is 15 kilometers long and 2,772 meters high, which is a stair-like slope formed by nature. It rains almost every day at the top of the mountain, the peak is usually covered in clouds, and huge waterfalls cascade down its sides. The fauna and flora of the mountain are also very distinctive, and this location has already inspired many works of cinema.

Olive grove, Spain

There are olive groves in SpainSource: shutterstock/Leonid Andronov

At the end of the 19th century, thousands of square meters of olive groves were planted near the town of Mancha Real in the Spanish province of Jaén. The production of olive trees and olive oil has long influenced the culture of the Mediterranean region. In the picturesque landscape, visitors have the opportunity to look at the process of making olive oil, and they can also taste oils with a special taste.

source: Architectural digesttravelo, 8400 information, Interesting world

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