Herceg Erika is barely covered with anything on top, even a neckless king would twist his head in such a dress

Herceg Erika gained a lot of fans in Hungary when she appeared on the directing team in the final season of X-factor. The decorator singer often didn’t even want to hide her curvaceous body parts. Even during the live broadcast, she wore clothes that showed enough to curious viewers.

Here is the forgotten video in which Erica Herceg undresses for a men's magazine

Here is the forgotten video in which Erica Herceg undresses for a men’s magazine

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After the RTL talent hunt ended, Herceg Erika disappeared for months not only from the spotlight, but also from her social media page, but has started posting again in recent weeks.

Not long ago, he made a new post on his Instagram because of a cool announcement, because like many other X-factor contestants (for example, Csaba Vastag, Andi Tóth and Petra Gubik), he also became a member of the Madách Theater troupe.

He got a role in the six concert.

The musical comedy by Toby Marlowe and Lucy Moss premiered in Edinburgh in 2017. This play is actually the eighth. It is a modern account of the lives of Henrik’s six wives, evoked on stage in pop concert format. In the performance, the wives take turns telling their stories to see which of the six suffered more than the eighth. From Henrik.

Herceg Erika will play the fourth wife of the King of England, Anna Clevey, in an alternate role with Aisha Kardevi, while in other roles we can see actresses and singers such as Annamária Baranyai, Juli Horányi (Catherine of Aragon), Enikő Muri, Réka Zsitva (Anna Boleyn) and Peller Anna and Viki Singh (Johanna Seymour), Anita Gadó and Hien (Katalin Howard), Nikalett Gallusz and Mónika Veres (Katalin Parr).

At six, England’s six queens are born fierce pop divas, and the (lyrical) competition for the title of most regal queen begins. In the performance, captivating and bubbly songs alternate, different musical styles tension against each other, accompanied by a female orchestra. The Madách Theater once again offers spectators an exceptional and unforgettable theatrical experience, who this time will not only be able to watch the events from the auditorium, but also be able to sit on the stage, that is, in the Throne Room.

Herceg Erika will surely appear in the same outfit on the Madách stage as in the photo below. list Click here You can buy a ticket.

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