Her disappearance was also covered in the Netflix series, Six Years Later Kayla Unbehaun appeared

A stranger recognized the girl in the shopping mall.

To Kayla Unbehaun He went missing in 2017, and it was already assumed that his mother, Heather Anbehaun, may have kidnapped him. The nine-year-old was visiting her mother, and when her father, Ryan Eskirka, wanted to go and pick her up, the other family members said that they had not returned from the camp, and no one knew where they were, He writes the index.

The case caused international press coverage, and Netflix unsolved mysteries (unsolved mysteries) It is also reported in the series. A few days ago, there was a lucky turn in the case when, based on the posted recordings, a woman recognized the now 15-year-old Kayla in a shopping mall and alerted the police.

Kayla Unbehaun has since returned with her father, her mother was arrested for kidnapping the day she was found, and is currently being held on $250,000 bail.

The father thanked the law enforcement agencies working on the case and everyone who helped bring attention to the little girl’s disappearance over the years.

We want to retire from the public eye so we can get to know each other again and start over together

he added.

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