The end of the battle for the stars and players is coming

Henry Wingo of MLS and NB I; Golovin Vladimir positive


He gave an interview to our newspaper Henry Winjo. The American Legion also featured from Ferencváros in Norway, so we also asked where it would place the overseas tournament compared to the Hungarian and Norwegian championships? According to the defender, the American championship is the strongest of the three, but he cannot distinguish between the Hungarian and the Norwegian. MLS teams have a much greater chance of integrating, players come from all over the world, and it’s the individual ability that sets this league apart from the other two, he says. Wingo also commented on VAR.

Federal captain of the Hungarian women’s handball team that won two European Championship qualifiers against Portugal and Slovakia last week, the world and European champions with the junior team. Vladimir Golovin In general, he told National Sports, he appreciates their first 10 days, the mood, and the interest from the team. He said there were two games, we won both, even if the match wasn’t perfect, but he didn’t think that would be expected, because it would be disingenuous to rise from the first moment.

He was the first Hungarian to stand on the podium in the World Rallycross Championship Krisztián Szabó, Who was able to shine on the third stage of the podium at the end of spectacular duels in the Spa race of the series, directing the world stars from behind him. Two pilots, who have previously won two European championships in autocross and one European championship in rallycross, were told that this third place would be a victory for them. He admitted he didn’t have the podium this time around, and was much faster and more balanced on the other courts. The conversation reveals why he’s doing so well now.

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