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Helpful Christmas preparation help: Homemade paper towel (x)

Helpful Christmas preparation help: Homemade paper towel (x)

At Christmas, cleaning isn’t the first thing we want to think about. However, cleanliness is inevitable when we are waiting for guests, preparing holiday dinners, and when we have to clean up the “ruins” of hospitality. Zewa Premium Home Paper Towels also help during the holidays, ensuring the house is clean before and after guests arrive.

Christmas customs often change – lately, in many families, gift-giving has taken a back seat, fun time together and joint programs have played a bigger role – but there are some things that are constant. In preparation for the festive season, we tidy up and decorate the house, and we await our loved ones with delicious snacks.

Zewa has collected some tips on how to make Christmas cleanup easier, so we can welcome guests with real festive lighting in our home.

Christmas cleaning tips

  1. Make a list of what needs to be fixed at home!
    Before starting work, it is worth considering where and what needs to be repaired. This makes the whole process easier, as you can see how much time it takes to clean up, and you’ll have time to buy the necessary tools and schedule tasks.
  2. Clean the kitchen counter, oven and fridge!
    Preparing Christmas dinner will likely require every bare surface in the kitchen, so it’s especially important to keep them clean. With raw meat, there is a high risk of bacteria infection due to improperly cleaned surfaces. The counter and oven should be cleaned with a degreasing agent, and the refrigerator should be organized according to the food guarantee period – this is also important to avoid food waste and make room for holiday food.
  3. Care and dusting of wooden surfaces
    Dust can be removed as quickly as possible with a damp cloth, however, water can leave stains on wood surfaces. Stains can be removed with store-bought furniture care liquid, but you can also use a homemade solution: mix baking soda with a little water to make a thick paste. Apply the mixture to the soiled piece of furniture, then blot it up with a household paper towel after a few minutes. Moisture stain disappears instantly!
  4. Prepare the central rooms!
    It is important to know which rooms the guests will be staying in on Christmas Eve. When cleaning, focus on these rooms and arrange them in such a way that there is enough space for everyone. Don’t forget the hall: put extra doormats and think of coat hangers, hangers and free space in the shoe cabinet!
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Zewa Premium Home Paper Towel provides quick and convenient help with all phases of Christmas cleanup. The main advantage of the product is that its absorbent capacity rivals that of textiles, it is excellent for cleaning any surface, from a window to the inside of a refrigerator.

Paper towels can be used dry or wet, or soaked in a cleaning agent: Power-X cloths do not fall apart even when soaked, and can even be wringed.

Zewa sells Premium napkins in a longer version than similar products, so one roll is sure to suffice for the whole holiday. Zewa is also committed to sustainability, which is why premium household paper towels are available in packaging that is at least 33% recycled and 100% recyclable with FSC certification. This means that the wood fibers used in production come from responsible forests.

Christmas cleaning involves a lot of work, but Zewa Premium Paper Towels meet all the challenges. This year, buying Zewa paper towels can be as natural a part of your Christmas preparations as buying a tree, bread and sparklers!

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