Helicopters will be expanded to Microsoft Flight Simulator next year

Helicopters will be expanded to Microsoft Flight Simulator next year


While the developers are still struggling with the stuff to fix thousands of bugs in the game, part of the team is already working on expansions.

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The Asobu Studios and the Microsoft Last summer, aviation enthusiasts rejoiced again, when the PC appeared on PC. Microsoft Flight Simulator. The promises were very big, but only some of them were fulfilled. Not to mention there are a lot of bugs in the game, most of which are not fixed by the developers, but rather by the players themselves.

Of course, the studio also appears regularly with major or minor updates, but it’s not uncommon for it to get worse somewhere. Anyway, the game has still found a not-too-small fan base, who will surely now be happy to hear that the developers have serious plans for 2022 as well.

The team posted it late last week Latest developer record, which this time also included a multi-page list of changes and innovations that fans have requested. Or the stage at which these ideas are implemented. And on top of that list is the introduction of helicopters into the game, which got more than a thousand and a half votes, which is what players are looking for the most now. It also seems that the developers are considering the idea, as is currently the case with plans for 2022. Incidentally, the list includes items such as improved support for multiple monitors, improved playback, various graphics optimizations, or support for Nvidia’s DLSS technology.

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So Microsoft Flight Simulator will continue to evolve in the future. By the way, the next big breakthrough in the life of the game will be only a week away from us: it will be released on July 27 for the Xbox Series X, and on the same day it will receive perhaps the largest patch package to date, from which the developers expect significant performance improvements. ■

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