Hedvigé: Hungary and Britain have the same idea of ​​how the EU should work عمل

Hedvigé: Hungary and Britain have the same idea of ​​how the EU should work عمل

Hungary and Great Britain have the same vision of the European Union: both countries consider the most appropriate cooperation between sovereign states without a centralized bureaucracy in Brussels, said Pallas Hedvigé, MEP Fidesz Adam Bolton, head of Britain’s Sky News at a given time. interview.

Hidvéghi indicated in a video posted on Twitter that the UK was supposed to leave the EU because it was not satisfied with the way the union is moving into the future. He added: Hungary has great respect for the history of the United Kingdom and its position in international affairs. He regretted Britain’s exit from the European Union, but called for the importance of continuing bilateral relations with the island country, which is a “key partner” for Hungary.

Britain is also an ally in NATO and the Council of Europe, where we sit in a parliamentary group with British Conservatives. said the actor. Speaking on illegal immigration, Hedwighi said that the rights of all European citizens must be addressed in terms of human rights, not just immigrants. He added that he was pleased to see the statements of Viktor Orban, which he echoed for years, returned from the statements of the leaders of the European Union and its member states, while the Hungarian Prime Minister had previously received severe criticism.

He stressed that immigration policy must be based on facts, and the European Union cannot allow hundreds of thousands and millions of illegal immigrants to enter its territory. He stressed the importance of re-imposing border controls and only then could negotiations take place over which Member State would receive the migrants.

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“It is very important to emphasize that only citizens of member states can decide which country they want to live in, and not Brussels which dictates the conditions.” Palaz Hedwighi said.

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