Heavy snowfall has paralyzed Madrid

Heavy snowfall has paralyzed Madrid

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40 years ago, there wasn’t as much snow in Madrid as in recent days. A storm called Filomena covered more than 20 inches of snow in central Spain, causing severe traffic disruptions in and around the capital. In a report to the Spanish Meteorological Service, she indicated the amount of snow ranging between 20 and 40 cm until Sunday, when the snowfall is replaced by frost.

Due to extreme snow, Madrid’s Barajas International Airport is closed all day.Air traffic was suspended Friday night due to continued heavy snowfall, poor visibility and ice. 27 flights have been canceled and 26 diverted to airports in other cities.

In Madrid, the transport company EMT had to stop bus traffic, there was no car traffic, city tunnels closed, and there were no suburban trains.

Photo: Benjamin Kremel / AFP

In a suburb of Madrid, Alcorcon, several buses broke down in the snow, public transport was paralyzed in Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha, and the army was asked to help clean the roads.

In the Spanish capital, on Friday afternoon, the highest level of red alert was put in place due to the weather, and public parks were closed because it could be dangerous to have accidents if tree branches fell under the weight of accumulated snow.

Truck traffic has been suspended in the province of Madrid, and freight vehicles on the road can park in designated parking spaces. The railway company Renfe has introduced speed limits in several divisions due to weather conditions and constantly announces the cancellation of some railways in Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia, Aragon and Catalonia. (MTI)

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