9 éves a Hearthstone Hungary

Hearthstone Hungary is 9 years old

Once again, another year has passed, and now Hearthstone Hungary can celebrate its ninth birthday, since the site launched on September 22, 2013.

Thank you for the past 8 years!


09.22.2022 – 9th Anniversary

  • This is the first anniversary of no innovation coming to the site, now everything is truly possible, and we have implemented a previously planned functionality on the site. At the beginning of this year, the site was completely revised and millions of improvements and bug fixes were made (this was posted on February 2). After that, there are still one or two missing functions that have since been completed (eg: feedback search and mentions function), and there were times when innovation was necessary because of Hearthstone, such as entering a 40-card deck maker.
  • Therefore, instead of innovations, an exciting story will arrive, about a character who is perhaps the most important character in the history of Warcraft, but has been left out during many “card stories” and “hero stories”. At 14:00, the anniversary minute, the article will be published, which is also a card and hero story.
  • Support us if you are satisfied with the site

Current version: Hearthstone Hungary v25.2.1 (Scripts updated again today to the latest versions)

Let’s review the most important innovations from the past year:

  • September 19: It has been created Marvel Snap Forums on the page.
  • June 29: 40-card deck maker, site type support, feedback search. The last major drawback of the search engine was that it was not possible to search for comments, but this was eventually realized.
  • June 25: A really cool feature has arrived on the site, with a file version Version 25 of HSHU. And this innovation is that Little post! Users can be mentioned with @[email protected] , who will also receive a notification, but the notification can be turned off. The feature is also available on forum posts, group descriptions, descriptions of best moments, and new forum topics. In addition, the page already indicates the “extra cards” in the deck, as well as how much dust will cost for new nerfs.
  • February 19: News mini has been renamed HS . Blog There is no character limit anymore! Moreover, the latest HS blogs are already appearing above the news next to the new forums. Also in the section above the news, the new comments section has also been significantly improved (among other things, the first line of comments will be written) and the last 50 comments can be displayed on a new page. In addition to this Many other changes have also arrived.
  • February 16: Cards on both sides You can even filter by artistand in most filters, only options that are already on the given page are now available (eg: if there is no card of type ‘Spell’, then this filter option is not available in ‘Type’ filter).
  • February 2: This is where the page was fully scanned, which means that repairs were made continuously in the previous month and Millions of bugs have been fixed or features improved. Plus, what didn’t have a night view yet, it does now, and the page’s appearance has finally gone natural on iOS devices as well. However, there were also innovations, for example, group pages are now visible when editing group data and texts, and the group builder is much better, no longer reloading even after resizing the page.
  • January 9: previously Party cards also appear during group creationThe profile’s social data page has also been revamped.
  • December 23, 2021: previously Time groups can also be In building a deck! It is also possible to change the subtype of the deck after the deck has been created. The site is fasterSeveral improvements have been made, the look of the group creation page has been revamped (mainly on mobile) and is cleaner. Other minor and major changes also appeared, and many bugs were corrected.
  • December 11, 2021: I started with HSHU Horde vs. lottery associationwhere you can win two mega packs!
  • November 4, 2021: Develop card collection pages and card pages – The familiar look of Card Pages has now been created, a new Game Mode and Mercenaries Cards have been added to the page, and Other minor changes also arrived.

Eighth year changes You can watch it here!

Seventh year changes You can watch it here!

Sixth year changes You can watch it here!

You can read about the changes of the past five years in this article: Hearthstone Hungary is 5 years old!

We hope you have enjoyed the past nine years! Happy Birthday to Harthston Hungary! 🙂

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