Heart and will serve

Heart and will serve

We read and even use the terms: the triumph of heart and will countless times in a sports report. After winning matches and competitions, coaches often use these words to praise their students’ performance.

The fact that these statements are common would not yet be a sin, but when we think that the will is decided mostly in the head, and that the triumph of the heart covers a state of mind essential to success, it makes the picture much more subtle.

In any case, let me give you a few examples from the heart or the will, without pretending to be complete. The earliest such experience was “produced” at the Finals of the Advanced Men’s Handball Championship. The success of the People’s Sejd tournament was about heart and will (also). Of course, among many other things, it required preparation, stamina and well-chosen tactics to win the new fourth gold medal. Staying with sports, the same can be said about the presence of the Tatab√°nya handball team. After all, head coach Vladan Matic took the most out of a goalkeeper who was completely “fatherless” from the coronavirus and was in a precarious financial situation. It is no coincidence that both professional employees and fans evaluated the performance of the miner in the search for points that Tatabanya endured everything. This is true even if there are a lot of injuries and illnesses in the International Cup – let’s not make up! said the guard. However, he shook the league so much that it was clearly a victory of heart and will.

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If we switch up the sport and revive the recently completed Elite Hockey World Cup, the success of the Canadians certainly deserves to be highlighted. Although North American hockey players have already won everything they can on the ice, not once.

I’ve been watching the Hockey World Cup for nearly fifty years. Of course, I’m not an expert on this yet, but this is the first time I’ve met a single familiar name in the Canadian national team. Not wanting to brag about my ignorance, I looked for players who came from the NHL (National Hockey League), the strongest league in the world. I found one “swallow,” but this hockey player from the not-so-hard Anaheim Ducks also joined the maple leaf frame. Not to mention, Canada has never strayed far from his group. In view of this, the “Anonymous” team has done a huge job. I also think their world title was a victory of heart and will.

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